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eduroam (Wi-Fi)

The HfG Karlsruhe is part of the eduroam federation, which is used to connect to Wi-Fi. Once set up, HfG members can connect to Wi-Fi at other institutions which are part of eduroam. Conversely, HfG's eduroam Wi-Fi is open to members of other participating institutions.

Connect to the eduroam network primarily, and use eduroam-hfg only when you are incidentally being connected to the eduroam network of the neighbouring ZKM.

To connect to Wi-Fi at the HfG Karlsruhe, you need to configure the eduroam or eduroam-hfg networks.


Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad)

On Apple devices, a confguration profile with the necessary settings must be installed. After downloading and installing it, you will be prompted for your username and password, please remember to use your HfG username (without “”).

:!: Clicking the link, a file should start downloading. If that is not the case, and you see some code, you can save it using Cmd + S and then save the file.

Thereafter, you may go to System Configuration and search for a profile if it's not installed automatically.


On Android devices, select the Wi-Fi network as usual and configure it manually, with the following settings:

Setting Value
Phase 2 Authentication PAP
CA Certificate Use system certificates 1
Online certificate status Do not verify
Identity Your HfG username (your email address without
Anonymous identity
Password Your HfG password

1 Very old Android devices (up to v8.0 Oreo) need a different certificate configuration. If this is your case, please send an email to


Follow the same configuration listed above for Android devices. An effective check of the TLS certificate of the RADIUS server ( is important.

For the CA Cert you can use the file ca-bundle.crt which in Fedora Systems is under /etc/ssl/certs. Let the checkbox near No CA certificate is required empty!

For the username, use your email without


Open the System Settings and navigate to 'Networks and Internet'

 eduroam on Windows 11: Networks and Internet

Then navigate to 'WLAN' and select 'Manage known networks'.

 eduroam on Windows 11: Mnage known networks

A list of all your saved Wi-Fi networks will appear. Find any eduroam-related entries and remove them, using the 'Do not save button'. If you skip this step, the 'Save' button in the next dialogue will not work.

Click the 'Add new network' button. Enter eduroam as the network name and select WPA2-Enterprise AES as the security type. The configuration dialogue will expand with several new fields. Please fill them in as follows:

  • EAP method: EAP-TTLS
  • Authentication method: Unencrypted password (PAP)
  • Private identifier:
  • Trusted servers:
  • Automatically connect: ☑

After pressing 'Save', you will be prompted for your username and password. Please enter your HfG username (your email address without and regular HfG password.