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H1 (HISInOne)

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H1, or HISInOne, is the administrative software used by the HfG Karlsruhe. For students, it is useful to access administrative information, such as enrolment certificates, pending documentation and other open issues with the administration.

Your First Time at H1

 Fig.1 HISInOne login page

  1. Click on ‘Zugangsdaten vergessen?’ ('Forgot your login?') at the top right.
  2. A new page with two fields will load: 'Passwortänderung für Ihren Account beantragen' and 'Sicherheitsabfrage' (Captcha)
    1. 'Benutzerkennung' (User ID) = Your full HfG email address (eg.
    2. Answer the question you are being asked on the second field.
  3. Write down and keep with you the security code displayed. You will need it later.
  4. Check your HfG email and click on the password reset link that was automatically sent to you.
  5. Enter the security code from Step 4.
  6. Set your H1 password (8 characters minimum, with at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 digit, 1 special character).

 Fig.2 Login ID and Captcha

Using H1

Once inside, go to 'Studienservice' for things like:

  • Sperren: Things standing between you and your graduation, such as pending certificates.
  • Meine Studiengänge: A summary of your studies, such as department or current semester.
  • Bilder: Upload a picture for your Student ID card if you want to.
  • Kontaktdaten: Official contact data for communications with HfG Karlsruhe.
  • Zahlungen: Payment of semester fees, past and present.
  • Bescheide / Bescheinigungen: Certificates of enrolment and KVV transport tickets.

EPPSG: Student's Energy Price Allowance

EPPSG, or Energiepreispauschale für Studierende, or Einmalzahlung200, are different names for the same law, which aims to provide a one-off payment of €200 to all those entitled to it in order to relieve them of the increased energy costs.

In order to claim yours:

 Fig. 2 EPPSG Box in the H1 portal

  1. Enter the H1 portal. If it's your first time, find details above.
  2. Copy the CODE and PIN displayed in the new information box (see fig.2 above).
  3. Click on EPPSG-Website link displayed in that same box.
  4. You will have to wait (see fig.3 below), please be patient and keep the tab open.
  5. Enter the CODE, PIN and Baden-Württemberg as your location.
  6. Log into your BundID account (this step often fails due to high demand, don't despair!)
  7. Fill out the form with your personal and bank details.
  8. 'Ihr Antrag wurde erfolgreich abgesendet!' = Success! 💸

Fig. 3 EPPSG Waiting room