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How-To [HiWis]

  1. Upload Media
  2. Add to set
  3. Fill Metadata

2. Incomplete Media

After upload the Files, they will appear as “Incomplete Media” (Unvollständige Medieneinträge).

Incomplete Media in the button!

Incomplete Media are uploaded files that have the mandatory metadata fields not yet filled. Note the yellow Stripe indicating it is an incomplete Media:

We need that every media has at least the Title and the Copyright Notice filled: if these two fields are empty, you can't continue with the process.

:?: ON COPYRIGHT NOTICE: If you create the media (recorded video, took a photo, etc.) during your working hours, you are the author of the work (and you should be recognized as such), but the HfG is the copyright owner (can decide to reprint the image, for example). In this case, write:
© Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, photo:[your name].
Of course, write video if it is a video or whatever may apply.

If you don't fill the mandatory fields, the Incomplete Media will be saved in your Madek space, and will appear on the top, in the category “Incomplete Media”. Here you can select different files to process all of them at the same time.

m( In any case, remember to select all Media Files! If not, you will only complete one file (and you will need to repeat the operation for the others).

5. Edit permissions

By default, only you can see and edit your media entries and sets in Madek. If you want to share something with another person or group, you need to set permissions. Madek provides a fine-grained access management system for that.

Edit permissions of multiple media entries at once:

Edit permissions of a single media entry:

Edit permissions of a set:

It's very important to set permissions for every single media entry and every set you want to share. Setting the permissions of only a set is NOT enough to share everything connected with the set. Permissions are always valid only for one item (media entry/set). To share multiple items at once, please use batch processing (see above).

6. Transfer responsibility

Transferring responsibility for media entries and/or sets means that you will no longer be able to edit them, but the one who got the responsibility (e.g. the HfG Archive).

Transfer responsibility of multiple media entries at once:

Transfer responsibility of a single media entry:

Transfer responsibility of a set:

As with sharing, it's very important to transfer responsibility of every media entry and every set. Transferring only a set is NOT enough to transfer every entry connected with this set. The transfer always applies only to one item (media entry/set). To transfer multiple items at once, please use batch processing (see above).