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The full functionality is available through your browser, but you can choose to synchronise certain things across devices. Download nextCloud's Desktop Client to do that with your files, or synchronise events with your calendar software of choice.

HfG Cloud offers many features which cannot be documented in detail here, such as Keeweb, Activity tracking, Maps, Audio, Photos, Contacts and Circles, Deck (Kanban boards for project management) and others. Please visit their documentation website for details.

Files and Office

Cloud works like any other online drive solution, simply click on the big '+' button to create a new file, on the three dot menu for details, or the sharing icon to share with others (inside or outside HfG). Upload your documents, organise them in folders, etc. You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with OnlyOffice and edit them online.

Fig.1 nextCloud Files: Overview


Access Cloud and click on the Calendar app icon at the top. You will see your default calendar, as well as public calendars from different HfG initiatives. Click on them to toggle their visibility.

Fig.2 nextCloud Calendar Overview

Create an Event

  • Click on the big '+ New event' button, or simply double-click on the date.
  • Select which calendar the event belongs to and add details in the simplified editor.
  • Click on 'More' to launch the full editor, where you can invite colleagues, add notifications, attachments and more.
  • (You can disable the simplified editor, to avoid having to click on 'More': Go to 'Calendar settings' at the bottom left and uncheck 'Enable simplified editor').

Fig. 3 nextCloud Calendar: Create Event

Share an Event

  • Click 'Attendees' in the advanced editor.
  • Start typing the name in the search bar and select the contact when it appears.
  • Click on the three-dot menu next to each contact you added to choose if you want to notify them via email.
  • Click on 'Update' to finish and send email notifications to your contacts.

Fig. 4 nextCloud Calendar: Share Event

Create and Share a Calendar

Create and share entire calendars for specific projects or work groups. Click on the '+ New calendar' button, at the bottom of your calendar list on the left toolbar. Give it a name and it will appear next to your other calendars. Click on the '✏ Edit' button that appears when you hover over it. Share with colleagues like you share events: simply start typing their names.

Fig. 5 nextCloud Calendar: Share Calendar

Synchronise with Thunderbird

  • Click on the '✏ Edit' button of the calendar you want to synchronise.
  • Copy the private link, which should look something like https://cloud.hfg-
  • Open Thunderbird, go to Calendar and click on the '+' button to create a new calendar.
  • Select 'On the network'.
  • Choose 'CalDAV', enter your full HfG email address as username (eg. and the copied link as location.

Fig.6 Thunderbird CalDAV

  • Fill in the remaining information: password, calendar name, etc.
  • Check your Thunderbird settings to configure notifications and your calendar behaviour.

Fig.7 Thunderbird Calendar Details

:!: If Thunderbird gives you a Processing message failed. Status: 80004005 error when accepting event invites, go to the calendar settings and select 'Prefer client-side email scheduling'.

Synchronise With Apple Calendar

  • Click on the '⚙ Calendar settings' button at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select 'Copy iOS/macOS CalDAV address'.
  • On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts.
  • Click on 'Add Account', then 'Add Other Account…', then 'CalDAV Account'.

Fig.8 macOS Internet Accounts

  • Choose 'Manual' for the account type, your full HfG email address (eg. as username and paste the link from Step #2 into the server address.
  • Provide password and details to finish.

Fig.9 macOS CalDAV

Synchronise with Android

  • On your Android phone, download these two apps: nextCloud and DAVx⁵ (available for purchase on Google Play, or for free on F-Droid).
  • Open nextCloud on your phone and type in the Server Address field. Log in with your full HfG email address and grant login permissions.

Fig.10 nextCloud Mobile

  • Navigate to the App Settings and tap on 'Sync calendars & contacts'.
  • DAVx⁵ will open, enter your HfG Cloud credentials once more.
  • Name your account and select 'Groups are per-contact categories' in the Contact Group Method menu.

Fig.11 DAVx⁵ Account Creation

  • Open the DAVx⁵ application again and click on the account you just created to grant the application the appropriate permissions.
  • Go to the CALDAV tab in order to select the calendars you want to synchronise and hit the refresh button.
  • Your Cloud calendars will appear on your regular calendar app.

Fig.12 Cloud Calendars Integration Success