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Diploma Archive

As part of your graduation process, you will be asked to prepare and hand in a documentation of your diploma project or a description of your master thesis respectively. The tool for this is Madek.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. You upload your diploma documentation to Madek and enter the required metadata. Check the required data and metadata of your faculty. If you don't find any, that means that we are still working on it. Anyway, this is a minimum, so if you like, you can always fill more metadata, which allows people to grasp better your project!
  2. You share your documentation with your supervisor. He/she will review the content of your documentation. :!: Remember to share all the set(s) and media files!
  3. You share your documentation with the ORC for a formal audit. Also, you fill out the consent form and send it to the ORC.
  4. After you have received the OK from your supervisor and the ORC, you transfer the responsibility for the media entries to the HfG Archive.

We need your consent to archive your documentation and to make it publicly available.

You can download the PDF consent form here (German only):

Please fill out the form, sign it and drop it here:

How to share your documentation

Steps 2 and 3 involve sharing the set and media entries of your documentation with different groups in Madek: your department/supervisor and ORC. Sharing means that you stay in control of shared media entries and sets, but give permission to specific people/groups to view and/or edit your entries. This is required for the review process.

How to set permissions in Madek

It's very important to set permissions for every single media entry and every set you want to share. It is NOT enough to set the permissions of a set in order to share the media entries connected with it.

Share with whom?

For step 2 it's required to share your documentation with your supervisor or the person in charge of your department. This is done by granting permission to your department group in Madek (e.g. “ADSZ” or “Medienkunst Sound”, etc.). Once you set these permissions, please get in touch with your supervisor/contact person for revising your work.

After this review process has been completed, you grant permissions to the ORC group in Madek and write an e-mail to (step 4).

How to hand over your work to the archive

In step 4 you are asked to finally hand over your digital documentation to the HfG Archive. Unlike sharing, you now transfer the basic responsibility for the media entries and sets to the archive. In effect, you will no longer be able to edit them (the archive becomes responsible instead of yourself).

How to transfer responsibility

As with sharing, it's very important to transfer responsibility of every media entry and every set. Transferring only a set is NOT enough to transfer everything that is connected to this set.

Hand over to whom?

Please transfer responsibility to “HfG Archive (Verantwortungsgruppe)”. The term “Verantwortungsgruppe” means “delegation”. Delegations are specific types of groups for exactly this purpose.

Once you're finished, please contact ORC at